Keep your domain .SECURE

As transactions move almost entirely online, Internet users find that they are confronted with much greater consequences if their security is breached.

That’s why .SECURE Domain Extension has been developed: It will host only encrypted sites, providing an additional reassurance that private information is kept in confidence. To put that promise into effect, the .SECURE domain will operate with a secured DNS to prevent impostor, or spoof sites. From DNS to site to end-user, each communication will be secured and encrypted.

Benefits of .SECURE Domains for Businesses

The .SECURE applicants point out that enhanced security has major benefits for online business. They claim that half of all Internet users avoid buying anything online because they fear identity theft; 21% have abandoned a shopping cart because of security concerns, and 48% share increasing concerns about the security of their personal information online. A boost in security, with a concomitant boost in confidence about security, could increase the number and the value of online transactions.

Highly Protected New Domain Extension

Is an SSL connection enough? Maybe not. One applicant for .SECURE, Internet security company Artemis, is developing the .SECURE domain to provide not just encrypted links, but encrypted links that come with extra assurance. Registering a .SECURE domain will require stronger proof of identity than other domains, and the registrars will verify that identity to prevent misrepresentation. In addition, all hosts will be required to follow a code of conduct, encrypting all traffic and verifying all DNS connections. Finally, the Artemis team will audit and enforce those security requirements, shutting down sites that fail to meet them.

.SECURE Domain Info

Launch2016 (est.)
Registration Period:1 Year

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