Launch Sequence for New Top-Level Domains

Tons of new domain extensions are available to register as you read this, but more are always on the way. United Domains' Launch Sequence is your guide to hundreds of upcoming new domain extensions. We update this page constantly, so bookmark it and check back frequently for new go-live dates, prices, and more information.

Domain ExtensionStart of Live RegistrationPrice Per Year
.funApr 5, 2017 $29
.artMay 10, 2017 $29
.africa2017 (est.)TBA
.app2017 (est.)TBA
.arab2017 (est.)TBA
.baby2017 (est.)TBA
.basketball2017 (est.)TBA
.beauty2017 (est.)TBA
.book2017 (est.)TBA
.boston2017 (est.)TBA
.broker2017 (est.)TBA
.budapest2017 (est.)TBA
.buy2017 (est.)TBA
.career2017 (est.)TBA
.charity2017 (est.)TBA
.coupon2017 (est.)TBA
.dad2017 (est.)TBA
.data2017 (est.)TBA
.day2017 (est.)TBA
.deal2017 (est.)TBA
.diy2017 (est.)TBA
.docs2017 (est.)TBA
.eat2017 (est.)TBA
.eco2017 (est.)$79
.fan2017 (est.)TBA
.fly2017 (est.)TBA
.forum2017 (est.)TBA
.free2017 (est.)TBA
.gay2017 (est.)TBA
.health2017 (est.)TBA
.here2017 (est.)TBA
.home2017 (est.)TBA
.hot2017 (est.)TBA
.hotel2017 (est.)TBA
.hotels2017 (est.)TBA
.inc2017 (est.)TBA
.ing2017 (est.)TBA
.joy2017 (est.)TBA
.kid2017 (est.)TBA
.kids2017 (est.)TBA
.latino2017 (est.)TBA
.like2017 (est.)TBA
.living2017 (est.)TBA
.luxe2017 (est.)TBA
.madrid2017 (est.)TBA
.mail2017 (est.)TBA
.map2017 (est.)TBA
.med2017 (est.)TBA
.meme2017 (est.)TBA
.mls2017 (est.)TBA
.mobile2017 (est.)TBA
.music2017 (est.)TBA
.new2017 (est.)TBA
.now2017 (est.)TBA
.page2017 (est.)TBA
.play2017 (est.)TBA
.radio2017 (est.)TBA
.room2017 (est.)TBA
.rugby2017 (est.)TBA
.search2017 (est.)TBA
.secure2017 (est.)TBA
.sport2017 (est.)TBA
.stockholm2017 (est.)TBA
.talk2017 (est.)TBA
.web2017 (est.)TBA
.you2017 (est.)TBA
.zip2017 (est.)TBA