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The Internet Loves .DATA

The Internet has forever changed the way people argue. After all, how many times has an argument ended with someone saying, “Well, let me Google that!” Data has become so important in proving larger theories and also resolving small arguments. The .DATA domain name provides a namespace for information.

From statistics to informal polls, information has an important place in our society. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. It’s with this in mind that the brand new .DATA domain extension is introduced to the Internet.

So Many Uses for the .DATA Domain Names

Since data is such a big part of our society, there’s many different ways the .DATA domain can be used by so many different people and businesses. Just consider the wide breadth of possibilities for .DATA:

  • Bloggers who focus on analyzing information can build their website with .DATA. This will tell readers and visitors right away what they’re looking at when they stumble upon a .DATA blog.

  • Research institutions that provide information on studies and research can use .DATA to share findings with the public.

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