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Launch2017 (est.)
Pre-Order Start2016 (est.)
Registration Period1 Year
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.ING - A fun domain name for everything you do!

The .ING web address adds interest and action to your online presence.

.ING Domain Names Put Your Domain Into Action 

Making a distinct impression is necessary to get noticed online, and that starts with a domain name.  An evocative, eye-catching name engages visitors and resonates with them before they even reach your website. The upcoming .ING domain extension adds a new creative resource to your domain name tool box. 

In the English language, the suffix "-ing" transforms verbs into their gerund form, which communicates what's being done right now, this very second. Sticking an "-ing" can even change a noun into a verb, a phenomenon we're seeing more and more often online, as people continue "friending" on social media, "blogging" on their blogs, and checking news to see what's "trending". 

The .ING Domain Extension: Say.ing Someth.ing

The .ING domain extension is set to be a trendsetter itself. A ready-made "domain hack", .ING lets you expand your new or existing name across the .(think "fly.ing", "film.ing", "fashionmodel.ing"), providing creative possibilities for short, flexible, and evocative names.

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