FAQ: The Difference between Pre-Registering and Pre-Ordering a Domain

Depending on the length of time before a domain extension reaches General Availability, domains can be available in one of two categories: Free Pre-Registration and Binding Pre-Order.

Domains available in 3 to 12 months do not have finalized prices or release dates, and are available for free, non-binding pre-registration. Non-binding means you are not obligated to commit to registering a domain name once its price and release date are confirmed. You can delete these domains from your account at any time, no questions asked.

Domains available for General Availability in the upcoming weeks have finalized registration price and General Availability dates in place, and so are available for binding pre-order. By pre-ordering one of these domains, you agree to let United Domains attempt to register it on your behalf when it becomes available to you at General Availability, and agree to be charged the domain's registration fee if our registration attempt is successful.

You will not be charged unless your domain is successfully registered, so you face no risk in pre-ordering.