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Chow Down with the .FOOD Domain

Food is a universal fact of life. This means that eating is big business, especially on the Internet. That’s why it should come as no surprise that food has its very own home online with the .FOOD domain name extension.

Food has come a long way. Obviously it’s necessary for life, but it means so much more to so many people. From eating out at a restaurant to going grocery shopping at the local store, everything related to eating now has a home online with the brand new .FOOD domain.

So Many Ways to Use the .FOOD Domain Extension

The earliest societies started out as hunters and gathers. Today most cultures are far removed from their earliest roots. For the modern man or woman, hunting and gathering means going to the newest restaurant or neighborhood deli. The .FOOD domain creates a space for food to blossom online.

Just consider all the ways .FOOD can be used:

  • Grocery stores can promote their location, prices and hours online with the brand new .FOOD domain.

  • Bloggers can set up a blog with the .FOOD extension to promote their reviews and recipes to readers.

  • Restaurants and other fine dining establishments can use .FOOD to share their menus, specials and events.

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