FAQ: How to Create a CNAME Record

Webhosts often use CNAME Records to connect domain names to webpages. After getting your CNAME Record from your webhost, you can easily assign it to your domain name in your account by doing the following: 

1. Log in to your United Domains account. 

2. Under Manage Domains, find the domain you want to update and click the DNS button to its right.

2. Scroll down to the DNS Records area. Beneath your existing DNS Records there is a blank DNS record row, where you can enter your CNAME details.

3. Under Subdomain, enter the value for Host Name, Alias, or Domain provided by your web host. (Please ensure this field is not left blank. Doing so could disrupt your other DNS Records.)

4. Under the Record Type drop-down menu, select CNAME Record.

5. Under Value, enter the Destination or Points to value provided by your web host.

6. Click Save.