FAQ: Connecting a Domain Name to a Web Host

If you have a website or hosting package with a web host service, you can easily connect your domain name to that service at United Domains. We're always happy to help you with this process, but if you'd like to connect your domain name yourself, here's how to do it:

Contact your web host and request your DNS Records. You can copy/paste the below message or just say something similar to the following:

"I want to connect my domain name registered with United Domains to my web hosting package with you. To do that, I need my domain name's DNS Records. I do not want to transfer my domain name. I only want you to tell me my domain name's DNS Records."

Your web host should provide you with a list of DNS records. These records may be specified as nameserver recordsA recordsCNAME records. There may be other record types as well. Copy them down, then log in to your United Domains account.

Find the domain name you want to update and click the DNS button to its right. Scroll down to your domain name's DNS Records area.

In the provided spaces, you'll need to enter each DNS record exactly as your web host spells it. Click below for detailed steps for entering different DNS records:

Once all your records are entered, click Save.

Your changes should propagate in about 24 hours. If they don't, you can troubleshoot the issue with these Common Causes of Domain Connection Problems.