FAQ: Troubleshooting an Invalid Auth Code (Domain Transfer)

And invalid or incorrectly-spelled auth code (also called an "EPP code" or "authorization code") is one of the most common reasons for domain transfer failure. Here's how to troubleshoot the issue if you're trying to transfer a domain name but receiving an error message that your domain name's auth code is invalid:

Check Your Spelling:
First check that you typed the auth code correctly. Auth/EPP codes are case-sensitive, so capital and lower-case letters must match the way they appear in the code. Auth codes also usually include alphabetical (capital and lower-case), numeral, and special characters.

If You Entered the Auth Code Correctly:
If you typed your auth code correctly but still get an error that the auth code is invalid, then your code may be incorrect or expired. Please contact the domain's current registrar to request they generate a new auth code for your domain name. Then try transferring the domain name again using that new auth code.

Still having trouble?
If your auth code is still being rejected after you've tried the above steps, please contact our support team for assistance.