FAQ: Transferring a .UK or .CO.UK Domain to United Domains

.UK and .CO.UK domain names don't follow the standard transfer requirements applied to all gTLDs and most ccTLDs. Here are the main ways that the transfer policy differs for .UK domain names:

  • Are not eligible for Transfer Lock
  • Are not approved via FOA email
  • Do not use authorization/EPP codes
  • Can be transferred if they were registered/transferred within previous 60 days

To transfer a .UK/.CO.UK domain to United Domains, you must first have a United Domains customer account with payment information on file. For help, please see How do I update my billing information?

Then, perform the following steps:

  1. Change the domain’s IPS tag to UNITEDDOMAINS-DE at the domain’s current registrar. You may be able to do this from your account with the registrar, or you may need to contact the registrar’s support team.
  2. Contact the United Domains Customer Support team to request the domain transfer. Please include your name, customer number and the domain name to be transferred.
  3. A member of our support team will notify you once the transfer is complete. 

Please note that you will be charged the standard price for a .UK or .CO.UK domain transfer, as shown on our Price List.