FAQ: How Long Do Domain Transfers Take?

Transferring is a multi-step process, so the length of time a domain takes to transfer depends on a number of factors, one of the most significant being the domain's extension (the part that comes after the dot). 

For all generic TLDs (e.g. .COM, .CLUB) and many country-code TLDs, a transfer must complete within 5 business days or else it will be canceled. Some ccTLDs may have shorter or longer transfer durations than this.

For gTLDs

After you purchase a transfer for a gTLD domain (like .COM, .NET, or .BIKE), the receiving registrar will send a transfer request authorization link to the Admin email address listed in the domain's Whois records. This link must be clicked within five days of the request to activate the transfer. Once this is done, the sending registrar should complete the transfer within that same five-day period.

For ccTLDs

In many cases, transfers for ccTLDs (like .DE and .EU) are similar to gTLDs, but they may vary from extension to extension. 

.UK and .CO.UK domain names have unique transfer requirements. Please see our guides for transferring .CO.UK and .UK domains here.