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The .PHONE Domain Extension: It's for you

From the landline to the smart device, the phone is here to stay. The .PHONE domain name extension dials in directly to this sprawling communications network.

Opportunity calls with A .PHONE Domain

The number of phones worldwide is estimated to be around 5.2 billion -- nearly three quarters of the earth's population. With one phone for nearly every person on the planet, the simple phone is the bulding block of a global conversation that's endured to the present day. Even in the age of the Internet the phone continues to connect people, whether we're making calls on our tablets over an Internet connection or surfing the web from our smart phones. It's clear that phones aren't going anywhere, and a .PHONE web address rings true as the perfect choice for phone content online.

Come in loud and clear with a .PHONE web address

With .PHONE domains, telephone service providers, manufacturers, and other businesses forming the core of the telecommunications industry can make their services clear online, from new products or new ways for people to keep in touch. The specific nature of the .PHONE domain extension makes it a useful organizing tool, keeping phone-related content distinct from other services your site may offer. For companies in phone-related sub-industries, like manufacturers of phone accessories or repair centers, can also create a web address that clearly signals their company focus -- potentially helping to draw in more traffic and quickly secure trust with visitors seeking phone-related services or products.

.PHONE domain names are also a relevant name choice for producers of the content and services designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. Companies like app and mobile software developers, media companies, and other mobile-related services can clearly state their medium of choice in their web address. as well as media companies like game studios, and services revolving around the convenience of mobile technology. 

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