FAQ: Common Reasons For Payment Failure

If your credit card was declined for payment or authorization, but you aren't sure why, these common reasons for payment failure can help you troubleshoot the problem:

Your card may be out of date. Log in and check your payment details in the Billing & Renewal area.

Your card may have insufficient funds. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds for payment. If an invoice has been produced for your order, you can then recharge that invoice from your account's Billing & Renewal area. Otherwise, please contact us for assistance with your order.

A credit card issuer may decline a charge if your provided billing address differs from their information on file. Please make sure your billing address matches this information exactly. If you are positive that your information matches, and that your card has sufficient funds for payment, please contact your financial institution to resolve the issue, then try manually charging your invoice in your account's Billing & Renewal area.

Your card may be declined if the charge total differs too much from an amount we are currently holding on your card for your order. Our billing system groups every order you place over a 24 hour period into one invoice that we charge all at once, but we can currently only authorize your card for the first order you submit in a 24 hour period. So, if your credit card is authorized for an order, and later the same day you place another order that makes your invoice total differ too much from the amount we're already holding, then your bank may reject the charge. If this happens, we recommend contacting your bank to request to permit the charge, then try charging the invoice manually in your account's Billing & Renewal area.

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