FAQ: United Domains and Customers from Europe

To help United Domains better serve our customers all around the globe, UnitedDomains.com will no longer be able to serve customers from Europe starting on May 21st 2018. From that point forward, customers from Europe are recommended to use united-domains.de instead.

What This Means for Existing Customers from Europe

As of May 21st 2018, if you have a United Domains account that lists a country in Europe as your country of residence or your business' country of operation, you will no longer be able to register new domain names in or transfer other domain names to your United Domains account. You will also not be able to activate Domain Privacy for any domain names in your account. You WILL be permitted to keep and renew any existing domains currently in your portfolio.

We are more than happy to help you transfer your domains to united-domains.de or any other provider you wish to use. Please see here to learn how to transfer your domain to another provider, and feel free to contact our support team with any other questions.

What This Means for New Customers

New customers from Europe will no longer be able to open accounts at UnitedDomains.com, and will instead be encouraged to open their account with united-domains.de where our European team can better serve them, or to provide an alternate place of residence or operation outside of Europe for their UnitedDomains.com account.