FAQ: How To Find Your United Domains Customer Number

Your United Domains Customer Number is a unique number assigned to your United Domains account. You should always include your Customer Number when contacting our support team with a request. It will help us to confirm your identity and assist you more quickly. If you don't have your United Domains Customer Number, here's where you can find it:

On Our Website

You can find your Customer Number while logged in to your customer account. If on desktop, select the account icon (person-shaped symbol) in the upper right. Your Customer Number appears next to your email address:


If on mobile, select the menu button in the upper right, then the account icon (person-shaped symbol). The customer number is next to your email address:


In Emails

You can also find your customer number in the welcome email you received upon first creating your customer account, and at the top of emails automatically sent from United Domains regarding your account or orders. Please note that your Customer Number may not appear in certain emails, such as newsletters or responses from from our Customer Support team.