FAQ: How To Reset Your Account Password

If you've forgotten your United Domains customer account password, you can follow these steps to create a new password. 

  1. Click the person-shaped icon at the top of the page if you're on desktop. If you're on mobile, click the "hamburger" menu at the top of the page, then select the person-shaped icon.
  2. Click Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your customer account's email address, and click Request Password.
  4. If the email address you entered matches an account in our database, we will send a password reset link to that address. Click that link in the email to be taken back to our website.
  5. Enter your new password in the provided fields, then click Save.

 You can also update your account password from your United Domains account:

  1. Log in to your United Domains account with your current email address and password.
  2. From your domain portfolio, select your name in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Account.
  3. Type your new password in the New Password field. Then type the same password again in the New Password Confirmation field. 
  4. Click Save.